Top 10 Debt Consolidation Companies To Help You In Debt Settlement

Tuesday , 20, November 2018 4 Comments

If you have many loans to repay or paying any single loan with a high rate of interest then it is time when you should decide about consolidating your loans. Consolidation works in two ways; it not only helps you eliminating the bothers of maintaining many loans at a time, but also helps you in reducing the cost of borrowing.

There are many banks and institutions offering to consolidate your loans. The primary choice for consolidate loan should be the existing bank, but if the terms are not good to you then the second option is to look for some other lenders who can help you.

It is really a difficult task to list lenders. Preferences and choices can be different; it all depends on a number of considerations. The list presented here is not a comprehensive one however it will include all the esteemed names who are in this business for many past years and succeeded in establishing clientele.

1 – Federal Credit Union
Federal Credit Union is a ‘Non Profit United Way’ organization. This organization helps families and individuals to avert debt problems, bankruptcies and all kinds of legal proceedings. It is one of widely known and esteemed consumer debt management companies.

2 – Consumer Credit Counseling Service
Consumer Credit Counseling Service is a free registered charity. CCCS is employing professional financial counselors who provide free, confidential advice and financial support to their clients both individuals and families, regarding any issue creating debt related problems for them. CCCS in affiliation with Housing and Urban Development (HUD) delivers consolidation services including credit support.

3 – Amalgamated Credit Counselors
Amalgamated Credit Counselors is a debt management company providing personalized debt consultancy and consolidation services to their customers.

4 – American Debt Consolidation
This debt management company renders personalized credit management services to clients but at a minimal cost of borrowing.

5 – Consolidated Client Services
Despite being newly entered to the field of debt consolidation, consolidated client services proved to deliver high quality credit facility and debt management service.

6 – Credit Solutions of America
They offer clients with excellent and speedy credit service, settling each part of their credit related problem.

7 – Debt Management Credit Counseling Corp
It is a nonprofit debt consolidation and credit counseling organization. Professional counseling experts working there offer excellent debt management plans to relieve debt tensions.

8 – Debt Guru
This is an online domain for the American Credit Foundation providing wonderful debt management programs for people who are having tough time due to their debt situation.

9 – FH Financial Services
This Service can be an ideal deal for those seeking either a complete liability or the debt management solution meeting all their needs yet costing them minimum with fast payback period.

10 – Bills
The Company can offer quick solutions to dig you out from all your debt management problems.

There are different opinions on the Debt Consolidation services delivered by these above mentioned firms. The readers using this information should adopt cautious approach, while contacting the above listed companies.

Disclaimer: It should be noted that I as an author of this article deny of any connection with any of the companies mentioned here.

4 thoughts on “ : Top 10 Debt Consolidation Companies To Help You In Debt Settlement”
  • Jon says:

    Thanks for putting up some companies that can help. It makes searching easier.

  • James Butler says:

    I would avoid any of the companies listed above or any other company that resembles them. Why? Because, in my opinion, they are ALL bad. Run, don’t walk from them. Some of the companies above advertise prominently that they are non-profit, but others don’t even bother to do that. Why is non-profit a convenient masquerade?

  • Damon Day says:

    Very informative article. There are times persons asked for this information and reading it here I can be able to point them to your article.

  • Lora says:

    most of the companies on here are lead generating or referral companies. Come up with a real list.

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